Friday, 24 June 2011

Hackers break into google via anal probe
Google are victims of a formal probe into its multiple businesses as the U.S. considers whether or not the tech heavyweights are 'abusing' their Internet dominance. The FTC probe will be investigating multiple issues regarding Google's core search-advertising business including whether its search engine unfairly steers users into 'choosing' Google sponsored products and/or services. Google assure that they are sticking to their age old policy of USER FIRST but critics are starting to be live a more traditional business model is slowly being put in place.
LulzSec's string of embarrassing hacks continue as the groups release another load of internal documents numbering up to the hundreds belonging to various Arizona law enforcement agencies. A blog post by Lulsec stated that the attack was due to recent state law giving police broad power to detain anybody they "deem" to be in the US illegally.

"We are targeting AZDPS specifically because we are against SB1070 and the racial profiling anti-immigrant police state that is Arizona"

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Prisoner freed, Obama and Big brother states.
Chinese artist Ai Weiwei most famous for his 'sunflower seed' project has finally been released from jail after 81 days. Ai Weiwei is now a much thinner and quieter man from the one that was brought into custody initially for supposed 'tax evasion' although this has been largely disputed and after pressure from multiple European leaders he has been released on bail.
President of the United States Barack Obama has finally broken the silence and spoken out on Weiner-Gate. Obama said he hopes that the recent resignation of Weiner will now allow the man to focus on his family life.
The collective police database that has been in the works since 2002 following the Bichard inquiry into the failings by police into the Soham murders in 2002. Questions have arose however as to the method at which police are obtaining 'intelligence' for the database as it is believed that out of the millions already set to be transferred onto the new system a significant proportion is believed to be compromised by innocent people including victims themselves to the wrongly accused. After the large number of recent security breaches in major organizations people are beginning to fear the worst that their data will soon be compromised.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Hackers take control of the UK
Once again Lulz Security are in the headlines as it is believed they have managed to get their hands on this years census data for the UK. Such a loss is hugely embarrassing for the government and has gotten many people thinking how tight are our nation security measures? The message which is being believed to have been sent from 'Lulzsec' reads
Greetings Internets,
We have blissfully obtained records of every single citizen who gave their records to the security-illiterate UK government for the 2011 census   We're keeping them under lock and key though... so don't worry about your privacy (...until we finish re-formatting them for release)
It goes on to mention that once the database has been reformatted it will be open to the public on piratebay.

A new vaccine using DNA from health cells was able to cure 80% of mice in animal trials involving prostate cancer. Cancer Research UK have said that this is a major development although human trials must begin as soon as possible. Cancer vaccines are not unlike traditional vaccines but instead of making the immune system attack infections they aim to target specifically tumour cells. Should these new methods prove to be successful this new and interesting study could really broaden the field of immunotherapy research.

In the latest details of the governments controversial NHS reforms it has been announced that supposed 'failing' hospitals will no longer be secretly "bailed out" using the tax payers money. The Department of Health have said that poorer quality organizations will no  longer be proper up with subsides and highlighted the importance of competition and choice as key proponents to improving public services.

AND back with music :

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hacker watch... again

Sorry about the last two or so days not posting, been busy. Back in business now though.

I hope the dudes alright, but i found this funny:
Another set of hackers have broken into Sega's Pass Database. Spokeswomen Yugo Nagasawa confirmed the news that over 1.29 million users personal data has been stolen. The reaction to the attacks has been swift however, Sega representatives explained that all user passwords had been reset immediately and customers have been made aware that all user details should be changed immediately. The hacking 'group' Lulz Security who were most recently famed for being responsible for the attacks against Nintendo have denied involvement.
The Greek prime minister has announced that Greece will require ANOTHER 100 billion euro bailout to avoid debt default. The Socialist leader George Papandreou warns that without further aid from the EU and IMF Athens cash reserves are expected to run out soon inviting a financial crisis that European official have warned would rapidly contaminate the entire international financial system. The previous bailout of 110 billion euros agreed in last may was the single biggest bailout in western history and new measures are expected to replicate that.

This is so awesome...

Friday, 17 June 2011

Susan Boyles cleavage takles mutant DNA

Sorry ive been slacking on the blogs lately but i seems i have recently HIT 50 FOLLOWERS!!!! well at the time of this post 57... To celebrate heres a picture of 50 people in the shape of the number 50 (i didnt count but just take my word for it)
A man who walked into Susan Boyles home after she left the door open has been fined £70 for stealing £9. Scott Millar, 17, was initially told to make a donation to the singers favourite Charity following a court case however he decided the money would be better put to use 'doing up' his flat. Millar has since pleaded guilty to entering the house uninvited although because it couldn't be proved that he 'broke in' then he will not face charge? weird. And apparently in Scotland chiefs of police or whatever there called are still called Sheriff, so that's cool...
One of the UK's top fetishes according to Heat is Nurses and now even that seems to be taken away... :(
A new six page dress code has been introduced into UK hospitals that demands from now on for all employees in (or out) of uniform to be clothed 'professionally and consistent'.  Sad times.
Scientists have hit on a genetic discovery that should open up fresh avenues for the treatment of devastating diseases including cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and particular forms of cancer. This new technique aims to correct glitches in the genetic order that lead to the cause and effects of such diseases. Specifics have not yet been released although the concept is said to be so powerful it could revolutionise modern medicine.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Student fees and frisking

Hello, todays June 15th and if you live in Australia, Asia, Africa, S America and specific places in southern Europe you can look out your window and see a total lunar eclipse. If you cant like me you can watch live as events unfold at

The government have modified the police's ability to use stop and search techniques to 'frisk' people without grounds for suspicion after it has been ruled to be illegal and in breach of human rights. New procedure requires authorization from the home secretary which would only occur if there was sufficient evidence that an act of terrorism could occur.

Start Quote

Arbitrary stop-and-search powers allow the state to confront an individual in the street, without cause, and demand their papers - it's wrong”
Daniel HamiltonDirector of the Big Brother Watch plans for Welsh universities to follow suite and charge students tuition fees of up to £9,000 a year have been rejected. Unlike those in England, Welsh students will not have to pay the fees for the same quality education as others in recent years before them had. It has been determined that the 'Higher Education Funding Council for Wales' will solely be responsible for approving any plans for increase over the current £4,000 a year cap by an individual university basis.

Start Quote

We made a commitment in our manifesto... to ensure that Welsh students would not pay higher fees wherever they study, and that is a commitment for the life of this assembly”
Leighton AndrewsEducation Minister

Monday, 13 June 2011

Stories around the fire

Not alot of time to write todays blog so thought id post a couple of interesting stories from today campfire style.
The BBC Television Centre (BBC HQ) is being sold in attempt to aid major cost cutting program. "Fortunately" for us that means they can fund an extra 30 hours of "high"-quality drama each year. Yeah...
A fishermans boat has been attacked off the coast of cornwall by a suspected 'Oceananic whitetip shark'. Global warming is suspected to be the reason for the typically warmer watered dweller (often seen off the coast of Spain and Portugal) to travel further North. Fucking foreigners...
That guy from the White Stripes is throwing a party to celebrate the divorce from his now ex wife.
Mother agrees to donate her womb to her daughter who cannot have children due to a genetic birth defect. Seems fair.
A third of britons suffering from diabetes supposedly keep the illness a secret. Well their obviously not doing a good enough job, slackers.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hackers broaden their horizons.. mabye

Seems like all thats in the news lately is "anonymous" hackers hacking stuff, first sony then codemasters then epic games then the NHS.. the list goes on.

CAPTION THIS:    ... yes thats an adult diaper filled with money...,2817,2386780,00.asp
The international monetary fund has been hit by a 'serious' cyber attack. There is at this time no indication as to what the hackers have managed to obtain however according to the New York times so called computer experts have labeled the attack "large".  The 'IMF' is not an unexpected target however, their database contains a wealth of confidential financial information related to various fiscal dealings amongst national. Potentially released/obtained information includes countries bailout programs as well as international communications between countries financial leaders.
Scandal has broken in the city of London as a number of prominent lawyers are to face investigations into alleged financial 'irregularties'. One of the most prominent suspects is 'Christopher Grierson' who was until recently one of the most respected lawyers in the entire country and runner up for the prestigious 'Laywer of the Year' award in 2010. If claims hold true Grierson was also busy amassing over £1 million in false expenses over a four year period. Methods included booking high expense flights, claiming the value of the tickets back from his firm and then proceeding to cancel the flight... Seems like a smart dude.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hackers break into Ryan Giggs pants.

In a last ditch attempt to save his failing marriage former squeaky clean footballing sensation Ryan Giggs is to seek therapy for an apparent case of 'sex addition'. He has said he has agreed to undergo the therapy after news of the affair with Imogen Thomas (Somebody off big brother) and Natasha Giggs (His brothers wife not his sister, although that may have made this more interesting). According to 'Stacey' Ryans wife "Ryan has an illness and needs help","Natasha is a liar" and "He never loved Imogen so its ok". At the same time Ryan Giggs is reported to have paid his brother a quarter of a million to stay silent. Meanwhile a friend of a 34 year old van driver claims "The last thing Ryan wants is more sex secrets to come out".
Before it was Sony being hacked then the NHS well today news has broken that game companies Epic Games (founders of the gears of war franchise) and Codemasters (They make racing games) data has both been compromised.

In spirit of football and people needing to be woken up abit (Ryan Giggs wife) heres a bunch of people getting hit in the face by footballs.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Its public interest!

Blogs have been at fairly irregular intervals as of late, just trying to find out the best times to post. Suggestions are welcome so do please tell me in the comments when you would like your daily update of newsyblogystuff to arrive.

The "anonymous" hackers claiming to have been behind the infamous Sony network hack have contacted NHS administrators revealing that they have supposedly found a way to breach the service's network. The hackers state they their intentions are not to steal data but rather "help" fix tech issues. The Department of Health responded that "this is a local issue affection a very small number of website administrators"... id be careful, discrediting "Lulz Security" from a breach of national security to a "minor tech issue" which didn't really matter at all could cause the reformed White Knights into full blown crack addicts once more... No patient issue was ever at risk.
Sir Fred Goodwin - Former Chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland - has been told by "Mr Justice Tugendhat" that due to his pubic figure status there would be the public interest in his relationships, and such he will not be granted a privacy injunction from the court. Which apparently doesn't apply to Ryan Giggs. (sadly no that is not his real name... :( looked it up and apparently judges are stylized with Justice in legal writing... should have asked solsby kid )

Since this Fred Goodwin looks blond/grey haired in the picture i figured id feature a joke today instead of a video seeing as over on "BigMike" today's special was coincidental on Blond jokes.

Q: Why did the blonde scale the chain-link fence?
A: To see what was on the other side.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

David Cameron shoves a wiimote up is assh#le

Sorry for the late post, woke up late.
Tuesday 07/06/2011 - David Cameron makes a speech stressing that the abolition of the central monitoring of NHS treatment and accident + emergency waiting times will not lead to a loss of focus and control in these areas.
Wednesday 08/06/2011 - The latest diagnostic figures are released and state that the average waiting time for tests under the NHS was 2.3 weeks in April, a 40% increase on the 1.7 week wait held as a standard the year before. This comes as a "shock" as the increase came despite a 2% fall in the number of tests being carried out in April this year compared to April last year.

Do you think David Cameron's arse gets jealous about the amount of shit that constantly comes out of his mouth?
I'm sure most of you have heard of E3 andr watched or have being following it well here's some interesting news. Immediately after Nintendo announed the new WiiU console shares at Nintendo fell approximately 6.5 percent, something to do with investors not believing that Nintendo have focused enough on social networking.
I don't know about you guys but i probably wont be buying one. Nintendo do have some really strange ideas in how they think people want to play games, first your flinging around a white dildo and now your holding a dinner plate? Have any of you tried playing some of the driving games on IPAD? it doesn't really work and imagine its going to be a similar experience with this technology.

I couldnt think of a song for today so heres a video of a guy punching himself in the face.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

China to go to war with Google, Obama condoms are illegal

Morning all,
So today two of the world super powers are going to war, Google and China.. kind of anyways.
Chinese officials have warned Google that "its business could suffer" if it (Google) continue to suggest that Chinese spies have been targeting the emails of US State employees. My guess is as good as yours as to what they are trying to imply by saying  that Googles "business could suffer".
An older story here but ones that i found rather humourous, a Man has been arrested for selling condoms labelled Obama Condoms "THE ULTIMATE STIMULUS PACKAGE" .. thats actually what is says on them. Jose Andujar was arrested for selling the condoms and police say it was his third arrest for unlicensed "peddling" this year and has become well known in the area for his politically theme slogans including "It's the election, erection for your protection" and "It's the ultimate stimulus package for hard times." 
The State Supreme Court justice had previously ruled that Jose did not need a official permit to sell the condom however police have said that they will continue to arrest the subject pending the outcome of the city's appeal.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Pioneering Research on Hold and Werewolves... kinda


After such a great response from the previous article on stem cell research i decided to feature another story on topical medicine aswell as some other reports.
Research into a gene therapy cure for cystic fibrosis has been halted due to a public funding shortfall attributed to the economic downturn. The UK CF Gene Therapy Consortium have spent the last 10 years working on a treatment for the disease and were hoping to begin a trial later this summer yet despite being shortlisted for the a prestigous medical innovation award by the MFIA the team led by Prof' Eric Alton say the earliest we can expect the trials to now get underway will be next March at the earliest.

Start Quote

You need a large critical mass of people doing the research, getting scientists and doctors working as a team, recruiting patients and making the material for the trial. It's been a decade of effort. No one else is capable of doing it. It is completely unique. ”
Professor Eric AltonUK CF Gene Therapy Consortium from the University of Southern California have potential found a cure for the balding. The "werewolf" gene which causes hair to grow all over the body including the face has been found and scientists are claiming that the discovery could lead to a remedy for baldness. Research has now begun into developing drugs capable of triggering a genetic mutation to "turn on" this typically genetic disorder.
Couldnt find a werewolf song so this will have to do:


Saturday, 4 June 2011

Cells and Sales

Greetings bloggers,

Got a couple of stories for you today.

The British treasury is expected to bring in close to £1.4 billion from the sale of 620 Lloyd's TSB branches and the whole of Northern Rock. I guess this is somewhat good news for the majority of people as the treasury attempts to begin recovering the investment it put into the Banks only a short time ago. I would be interesting to see what the +/- figures for this deal when you compare it to when Northern Rock had to be bailed by the Bank of England out due to excessive mortgage lending by the former back in 07.

This is a little bit further to the science(y) side so bare with me. The wealthiest Britons can now begin freeze and store their stem cells as an "insurance policy" that could later be used to treat diseases/disorders etc... as they develop in the foreseeable future. Granted this seems a major step forward as it is the first time the regulatory body (Human Tissue Authority) has actually acknowledged such a proposal however questions should be asked to whether or not this could be seen as the beginnings of a privatised state with the best care going to the "best" (supposedly richest) people. The companies leading the project offers charges of £2,495 for the collection and storage of your stem cells for a period of 20 years.
Currently no stem cell therapy exists under private or government health care however the hope is that diseases and disabilities such as:
  • Parkinson's
  • Alzheimer's
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Defective Organs
Will be at the forefront of future research.


Jimmy Connors (22 y/o) and Joseph Doran (22 y/o) received six years today after pleading guility to a total of 15 offences including but not limited to the men posing as officials working on behalf of water and gas companies  to gain access their victims person homes ALL of which were the elder, SCUM! I rarely use such harsh tones but men like these bring all the names of human civilization down two pegs. Justice! Appropriate:

Also of note for those of you eager to save a little bit of coin here are two fairly interesting stories that may motivate you and/or give you advice to various insurance and security claims (predominately for american readers).  (Guide about the retirement and social security benefits for divorced couples) (Useful infomation about incapacity benefits for the employed - private disability claims/insurance)

Friday, 3 June 2011


Welcome fellow travellers,
As an HONEST, HARDWORKING and TRUSTWORTHY member of the current economic times i cannot help to feel that i as a member of the civilised populace have to strive ever single day to achieve the best yet at the same time i can just so easily flick on the plasma and at the tip of my finger witness all the wrongs, cheats and liars in this worlds whether it be from some punks in Iceland (bankers) gambling away our security and equity or big shot law enforcement stepping on a mans prostate at every shot they get, they are the cancer of this world... Are you?